Sunroom Success – How to Build a Sunroom on an Existing Patio

How to build a sunroom on an existing patio

In Florida, many homeowners incorporate a sunroom into their plans when modifying or purchasing a new home. These rooms offer screened and/or glass-enclosed living spaces built atop new or existing concrete foundations. You may see them referred to as patio rooms, solariums, Florida rooms, or patio enclosures. Adding a sunroom to your home significantly improves property value as they let the beautiful Florida sunlight and mild temperatures in while keeping out the bugs and elements like rain and wind away.

Here at Colonial Construction in Jacksonville, FL, we specialize in sunroom construction utilizing single or double-paned glass walls for extra strength and durability, built atop existing patio foundations. With the help of our expert team, you can ensure that you build the sunroom of your dreams and create a beautiful, warm, welcoming space in your home that the entire family can enjoy.

Continue reading below to learn how you can build a sunroom on a budget to improve the value and enjoyment of your home.

Assessing The Patio

Since we build these rooms customized to fit any existing foundation, it’s important to assess the size, orientation, and condition of the home’s attached foundation before beginning the project. The process of planning how to build a sunroom on an existing patio begins with a free estimate so be sure to get in touch with our team at Colonial Construction today to schedule an appointment.

Designing The Sunroom

The design process begins by clearly defining your goals for the sunroom. You may wish to include specific types of floor covering and glass enclosures. You will also need a sturdy roof, and proper drainage directed off the roof via gutters and drain pipes. Since homeowners typically use their sunrooms at least four hours per day, you will want to be sure it’s configured to provide the best layout based on your specific requirements, whether you plan to use it for eating, exercise, or just relaxation.

Obtaining Necessary Permits

Sunroom construction, depending on your locality and homeowners association affiliation, may require special permits before the construction process begins. Usually, a permit is required for any work that changes or adds to the existing structural makeup of your home. To make things as easy as possible for you, our team will advise and work with you in securing any permits that may be required.

Preparing The Patio

Here at Colonial Construction, our sunroom construction process has been fine-tuned over the years to ensure that we deliver a finished product that you will truly love and can enjoy for many years to come. This requires some preparation of the foundation and the area surrounding it. The ground should be level, and the foundation should be clear of all items like furniture and fixtures. For those wondering how to build a sunroom on a deck, the same preparations are generally required. The wood should of course be in new condition and properly sealed to ensure your new sunroom stands the test of time and looks its very best.

Building The Sunroom

Building a sunroom with Colonial Construction means you’ll get our top-quality raw materials, custom-fitted for your home and foundational specifications. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians will install these materials on time and within the budget agreed upon during the estimate phase.

Adding Finishing Touches

When adding a sunroom to your house, consider adding extra items to enhance the installation.

Things like premium lighting, extra insulation, heating & cooling ventilation systems, and custom furniture will all enhance the enjoyment of your new sunroom. Our team at Colonial Construction can suggest many finishing touches that our customers have enjoyed in the past to enhance and increase the value of their investment in sunroom construction.

Benefits Of A Sunroom

By learning how to build a sunroom on an existing patio, you’ll quickly see these improvements increase your property value by adding living space that brings you closer to nature through increased sunlight and more exposure to that all-important fresh air. You’ll enjoy the extra space for entertaining guests, cooking out, and storage. Colonial Construction can show you how to build a sunroom on a budget that fits your means while satisfying your desires for more outdoor living time in our beautiful Florida climate, free of nuisances such as bugs and inclement weather.

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Building a sunroom on an existing patio benefits the homeowner in both the short and long term.

With a sunroom installed in your home, you can expect year-round use of your patio in any weather conditions, through the use of high-quality screens and double-paned windows. Sunrooms allow you to spend more free time in the healthy outdoors entertaining guests or hanging out with your family while saving on energy bills.

Here at Colonial Construction, we will be with you during every step of the process of building a sunroom; from planning to permits, site preparation, construction, and inspection. With over twenty-five years of experience serving customers in the North Florida/Jacksonville metro area. Get in touch with our expert team at Colonial Construction today to take the first steps toward building your very own sunroom at home.