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Solarium Vs Sunroom: Choosing the Perfect Sunlit Space


When you live in an area that gets as much natural light as Jacksonville, Florida, you naturally want to take advantage of it. There are numerous ways to make the sunshine the center of attention, but the most common discussion revolves around solarium vs sunroom. Each of these room types has a host of attractive benefits worth exploring depending on your needs.

Ultimately, the right choice when it comes to solarium vs sunroom depends on your unique situation and needs, as either option will give you incredible access to the natural light shining on your home.

Before you start making big plans to start any major home renovations, there are some key things you need to ensure you understand when between a solarium vs sunroom.
Continue reading below to learn if you should invest in a solarium or a sunroom to add a little more sunshine to your life.

What Is A Solarium?

The word solarium can evoke mental images of large glass observation rooms, and a solarium in your home essentially is just a smaller version of this. A solarium is characterized by being made almost entirely out of glass, with just enough non-glass structure to keep everything in place. Sometimes referred to as a conservatory, a solarium is not a small investment, but the end result can be quite spectacular.


What Are Sunrooms?

A sunroom is exactly what the name implies, a room that is designed around letting more natural light in. Sunrooms are really just regular rooms that are designed with extra windows if they are attached to the home. There are also free-standing sunrooms that can be built DIY but are typically only meant for the warmer months.


Solarium vs Sunroom

There are a few key differences between these two types of rooms, with the biggest one being the average cost. While sunrooms can end up getting expensive if you add on all kinds of luxuries, they are typically far less expensive than solariums. Prices can vary, but it would be difficult to build a solarium for under $20,000, whereas you can find inexpensive, DIY, sunrooms for under $5,000.


Why a Sunroom Ultimately Wins

In the debate of solarium vs sunroom, the sunroom is always going to come out on top, and the price is not the only reason. When you have more glass in your home, that means more time cleaning that glass, and a solarium can add a whole day of glass cleaning to your weekly schedule. There is also less overall maintenance to be worried about, and when repairs are eventually required, they will generally be less expensive.


Colonial Construction LLC Is Here For Your Sunroom Needs

If you are ready to start enjoying more of the beautiful sunshine that mother nature has to offer, we are here to give you a hand. At Colonial Construction LLC, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the best possible sunroom options, for a variety of budgets, and with expert assistance to answer any questions you have. You have a clear winner in the solarium vs sunroom argument, and we can make sure you get the right sunroom for you. Get in touch with our team at Colonial Construction LLC today to find out how we can help you find the best sunroom solution for your home.