4 Reasons to Add a Glass Sunroom or Screened-in Porch in Jacksonville

It’s that time of year in Northeast Florida – days are getting longer and the weather is becoming perfect. You’re ready to enjoy that porch you have out back, but along with the warmer temperatures come the outdoor pests. Make that problem go away with a glass sunroom for your Jacksonville home. Sunrooms and screened-in porches are popular among homeowners from Jacksonville to St. Augustine.

At Colonial Construction, we have more than 25 years of experience in the sunroom construction business. We understand how an addition can improve the look of and add value to your home.

If you’re unsure whether a glass sunroom addition is right for you, here are our top four reasons to add a sunroom to your Jacksonville home.

Selling power

Most homeowners don’t take on a major project like adding a room with the sole purpose of selling their house. Our customers are interested in the enjoyment aspects of a sunroom addition. But the addition of a glass sunroom or screened-in porch can help add appeal if you ever decide to sell.

Dealing with the weather

The weather can change fast here in Jacksonville. If you’ve lived here awhile, you know it’s not uncommon to have sun, sudden downpour, and right back to sun again – all within a matter of minutes. A glass sunroom or screen room addition will allow light in while protecting you from harmful UV rays, downpours, or windy days. Even on the not-so-nicest of days, you can enjoy your addition.

Keep the bugs at bay

What’s better than getting up early, having a fresh cup of coffee and sitting on the porch to read up on the latest Jaguars news? How about not having an insect drop into that fresh cup of coffee? Our favorite aspect of having a glass sunroom is the joy of not dealing with mosquitoes, beetles, spiders, lizards, and all the other bugs and critters we have here in Florida.

It can be used for any purpose you can dream of

Most homeowners think adding a sunroom is just adding another living room to your house. That’s not the only use for these additions! If you’re in need of more space for a home office, why not use a glass enclosed sunroom? As an added bonus, your home office, if properly accounted for can be a tax write-off (speak with your accountant on how to get the tax benefits). It can also be a great playroom or entertainment space, or a guest room (invest in some high-quality blinds, though). Ultimately, a sunroom addition is much more than just added square feet. It serves almost any purpose you need.

Those are just four of the reasons we know it’s a great idea to invest in a sunroom enclosure in Jacksonville. As experienced sunroom builders, we can help you select the best type of addition for your budget and your home. If you’ve been thinking of adding a new room, stop thinking and start acting! Call Colonial Construction today at 904-680-7480 or contact us here to schedule your free estimate.

image courtesy: digsdigs.com