Things to Consider When Designing a Screen Room

A screen room is the simplest way to enclose a living space, be it your porch, deck patio, or an added outdoorsy space. Instead of finished walls, the space is enclosed with screens to keep it clean and safe from the elements and debris and to keep out critters and bugs. Screen rooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air while remaining sheltered.

If you are planning to take on this type of project yourself, here are some considerations you need to bear in mind before you begin:

  1. Plan your budget before you start planning anything else for the screen room. Your final budget is what will hugely impact the features and size of your additional living space. Your budget will also influence the custom additions, building materials, cooling, heating and lighting system, etc.
  2. Decide on the function of your extra living space. Do you need more dining area, a reading room, extra outdoor seating, or something else? The purpose your room will serve will determine the appropriate size, design and elements to incorporate.
  3. Consider how your screen room will add to the overall value of your home and curb appeal. You must then endeavor to match the screen room with the aesthetic of the rest of your home. It should look like it is a part of your home and not a forced addition.
  4. Keep in mind the possibility of future upgrades to the screen room that may be required when you change your home outlook in the future. Naturally, maintenance is an ongoing requirement during the lifespan of a house, and after a few years, every home demands renovations. Your screen room must have the sort of design and custom features that would be convenient to upgrade at that time.
  5. If you have a family with pets and young children, then safety must be a priority. You must ensure that the designs and features of the screen room have all the required safety elements. All the doors and windows should have latches, and the surrounding walls must be safe for the little ones.
  6. If you are specifically building your screen room for more sunlight, you need to consider many details. Discuss with your designer the best location, how much glass or screen to use, and even the proper roofing. If you want natural lighting, you will have to sort the technical details beforehand.

Screen rooms are the best addition you can make, considering they are affordable and versatile. You can bring so much of the beautiful outdoors, including natural light, inside. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and are interested in adding a screen room to your home, contact us today!