Savvy Seller – 3 Tips to Help You Sell a Home with a Pool Enclosure

Savvy Seller – 3 Tips to Help You Sell a Home with a Pool Enclosure cover

When it comes to selling your home, you want to be sure that you get the best price possible. Homes with pool enclosures can be very tempting for potential buyers and should add value to the property. However, to ensure that they enhance your property, they need to be well-kept, easy on the eye, and function as intended.

If your Jacksonville home has a swimming pool enclosure, you can ensure the sale is as straightforward as possible by simply following the tips outlined below. Potential buyers will see the value and practicality of having pool enclosures and will be drawn to your home if your enclosure is well maintained and in good condition.

Let’s take a closer look at some useful tips to help you to sell your home that features a pool enclosure quickly and for the best possible price.

Provide Organized Information

Be sure to have some type of notebook or binder organized and in place when potential buyers come knocking. Providing information about your pool including maintenance and servicing requirements is important when you are selling your home. List the types of chemicals used for cleaning, list any parts that have been replaced, and include all of the information in the notebook or binder.

Information concerning the enclosure itself should also be listed. You could include the date the enclosure was purchased, how to clean it, and how to disassemble and reassemble the enclosure if needed.

Any repair information should be noted.

Screen enclosure repairs made in the Jacksonville area will be on records that can be obtained if necessary.

Replace Worn Out Parts

If the pool liner is faded and worn out, it should be replaced before showing the property to potential buyers. Pool pumps and pool poles should be checked and if they are not in working order, they should be replaced. Calling a company that specializes in pool enclosure repairs in Jacksonville can help you to handle everything with much greater ease and will ensure that the work is completed to the highest level possible.

Replacing any plastic parts of your Jacksonville swimming pool enclosure with stainless steel is always a good approach. It might be a bit more costly to replace certain parts with stainless steel ones, but it will add value to your property and ensure that you get a better price when you finalize the sale.

The Aesthetic Matters

Not only is it important to replace worn-out parts but it is also essential to make the area shine. Take the time to clean the enclosure and pool area well to ensure that you get the best possible return from the sale. Companies that specialize in screen enclosures in Jacksonville are a great place to get advice about the best products to use to keep your enclosure sparkling clean.

Take some time to remove debris and other clutter from the enclosure to make sure that it looks its best. Every little effort that you make will make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic of your pool area, enhancing the appearance of your property overall in the process.

Take The Right Steps To Sell Your Home Quickly And For The Best Price

Be smart when it comes to selling your home with a pool enclosure in Jacksonville by following the tips outlined above. The above-mentioned efforts can quickly make your home and property look even more beautiful and valuable resulting in you getting a higher price for your home and selling your home a little quicker than you may have expected. To ensure your swimming pool enclosure is ready for sale and looks appealing to potential buyers, be sure to get in touch with our Colonial Construction LLC swimming pool enclosure experts in Jacksonville today.