Sunrooms Jacksonville: Sunshine in the Sunroom

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Florida is known for beautiful sunshine, amazing oranges, and beautiful beaches. What better way to enjoy the glorious sun than with a gorgeous sunroom? Sunrooms Jacksonville are one of the greatest pleasures that come from living in Florida. Direct heat in Florida can be devastating. With humidity, a 72-degree day can feel like mid 80s if not hotter. Now the dilemma arises, how do you enjoy the sun without passing out from heat exhaustion? That’s where a sunroom comes in handy! This wonderous extension of your house provides top notch comfort by blocking unwanted elements like the added humidity. Colonial Construction is a team of masters who can help you choose a layout that fits your needs as well as provide you extreme comfort.

From Tacky to Tasteful

We know that aesthetic is just as important as the practical use. Therefore, our designers use their ability to make the new addon seamlessly blend with your existing structure. Adding property value and more physical appeal to your house, each sunroom is designed around the owner’s individual taste as well as what will complement the existing beauty of the house.

Unique Elements

Each sunroom we build is designed around individual preference. Do you prefer a lot of sunlight and no outside air? What about a glass ceiling like a greenhouse? Colonial Construction is all inclusive when it comes to considering your Sunrooms Jacksonville needs when helping you design your new sunroom.

Colonial Construction Sunroom Types

Colonial Construction specializes in impact glass and acrylic window sunrooms. With options to choose from, we understand you need to know the difference to make the best choice for your desires.

Impact Glass Sunrooms

Impact glass sunrooms safeguard you from debris with ease while tinted and double-pane glass helps lower the heat buildup in the sunroom. Also, operating windows give you the creative edge to double your sunroom as a screened enclosure.

Acrylic Window Sunrooms

Acrylic window sunrooms alleviate the excess aggravation that can come with cleaning your sunroom. Paired with insulated wall panels, Colonial Construction can create an affordable enclose of your patio.

Versatile Oasis Sunrooms

These serve as a great addition to any home. The extra space can double as a family room, office space, meditation area, greenroom, or even a nap area. Keeping that in mind, choosing where you’d like your mini getaway zone is ideal. For instance, if the living room is the most common place for people to travel inside of the house, positioning a door that allows access to your sunroom from the living room would be beneficial. Likewise, if you enjoy the position of the sun outside of your bedroom and would like your sunroom to be your personal spot away from everyone else, placing the sunroom alongside this area would benefit you more.

Colonial Construction cares about your individual needs and desires. If you are looking to add additional living space to your home in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Nocatee contact our professional installers to get a free estimate. Contact us today or call us at 904-680-7480 for a free design and installation estimate.

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