Screen Enclosures & Beyond

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Thinking about adding screen enclosures to your patio or pool area? Have a few ideas in mind? Let Colonial Construction help today! Various upgrades are available when choosing to improve glass or screen enclosures. Although most that are built are similar, not all are built the same. Our understanding of this fact allows us to cater to a person’s interests, needs, and wants. For example, if you walk into a bakery and ask for a pie with fruit in it, the baker will show you an assortment of different fruit filled pies. You ask for all pies except berries, he’ll present an assortment of his best, non-berry pies. Screen enclosures are no different. Some of our most popular upgrades offered are:

  • Screen Rooms
  • Glass & Sun Rooms
  • Screen Enclosures
  • Covered Patios
  • Lanais
  • Porches
  • Fences
  • Pavers
What Makes Us Special?

Colonial Construction is the leading screen room enclosures construction company in North Florida. We feel our customers deserve the finest of materials. Therefore, we use the best of the best materials which allows us to provide owners with a glare-free view, clear visibility, and beautiful aesthetics. We’re a one stop shop for your outdoor building needs. Due to their strength and durability, our screens stay cleaner and do not sag like other materials while our paved surfaces are virtually maintenance free. Also, each home improvement service we offer increases the living space available in your home and grows your home’s value.

Comfy Warmth or Cooling Breeze

Each glass enclosure we build is properly insulated and thoroughly ventilated for comfortability. Additionally, these enclosures have a level of energy-efficiency by being able to absorb warmth during the cooler months while still allowing the use of natural light. What if there’s no breeze? No worries! We also offer ceiling fans as an optional installation.

Shoo Fly! Don’t Bother Me!

Floridians know that insects and summer go hand in hand. Floridians also know that sometimes lighting a citronella candle doesn’t get rid of the annoying pests. Our pool and patio enclosures keep out pesky bugs and mosquitos, leaves and branches, random debris, lizards, and more! Now you can enjoy the beauty of summer without being covered in insect bites!

Duck & Cover

Unsheltered patio owners know the pain of keeping your outdoor furniture clean from bird droppings, dirt, and other outdoor elements. Colonial Co. LLC’s covered patios provide an amazing solution. The shelter protects from badly aimed golf balls, rain showers, and intense heat radiating from the sun. This is perfect for those who love to savor the joys of grilling outside without worrying about the weather drawbacks.

Private & Secure

Everyone appreciates privacy and security. Our fences, porches, and lanais bestow a sense of peace by serving as a means of safeguarding. Your property is less vulnerable to break-ins, burglaries, and large animals appearing in your yard. If you are looking to add additional living space to your home in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Nocatee contact our professional installers to get a free estimate. Contact us today or call us at 904-680-7480 for a free design and installation estimate.