Pool Enclosures Fit for Royalty

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With so many creative ideas available for pool enclosures, choosing the right enclosure can be a process. We often have customers ask us, “Should I go with screen or glass? How do I decide? Does it even matter which one I choose?”

Don’t worry, we have the answers to your questions and more.

That’s What I Call a Win/Win

Making the decision to build pool enclosures offer amazing benefits whether you choose a screen or glass enclosure. For instance, both enclosure types offer protection against insects and certain acts of nature which help keep the pool and surrounding area clean. Also, each type of enclosure that’s properly constructed adds value to your home and a cost-effective means of building without breaking the bank. So, what makes them different? We’re glad you asked.

Screen the Scene

Screen pool enclosures are normally less expensive to build. The material is still the best quality; however, a screen enclosure doesn’t require as much work as a glass enclosure. Likewise, these enclosures offer more protection against UV light and as Floridians, we know the sun is nothing to play with. Which brings me to my next point, a screen pool enclosure doesn’t offer climate control. You can receive a nice breeze provided by nature or add ceiling fans to keep the area cool, but that makes this option more of a seasonal selection.

Glass House? More Like Glass Home

Although still affordable, glass is on average slightly more expensive than screened enclosures. These enclosures can also be climate controlled. This means you can enjoy the warmth of your heated pool in the winter time by having the area surrounding your pool enclosure warm as well. Additionally, glass enclosures allow you to enjoy the wonders and benefits of being outside, without the negative side effects that sometimes come with being outside. For example, a glass enclosure gives you a great space to enjoy the sunlight coming in from the windows without having to feel the humidity that’s part of Florida’s climate.

All Things Considered

When choosing which pool enclosure to go with, consider the above. Also, taking into consideration personal levels of comfort, it becomes easier to decide which choice to make for you and your home. Both screen and glass enclosures will make a great addition to your household, providing a more comfortable place for the entire family to enjoy. Each enclosure also offers some tense of privacy, security, and peace of mind while making your property less vulnerable to mishaps like break-ins or large animals in your pool.

With over 25 years of experience, I’m sure we can satisfy your screen or glass enclosure needs. If you are looking to add additional living space to your home in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, or Nocatee contact our professional installers to get a free estimate. Contact us today or call us at 904-680-7480 for a free design and installation estimate.

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