Pool Enclosure – Custom Addition!

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7 proven reasons to consider when you’re looking to purchase your pool enclosure:


Incorporating a pool enclosure into your existing security system helps to deter unwanted (human) intruders from entering without your permission.
Pool enclosures offer more shade!
By using an enclosure, you can extend your sunshine time by diffusing the harmful UV rays of direct sun exposure. The shade you’d experience makes staying by the pool more enjoyable. And, you won’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen on your little ones every 30 minutes and battling them to stay out of the water until it dries.

Another benefit with creating a shaded pool environment is that the enclosure extends the life of the chlorine used in the pool. This is a WIN/WIN! Sun protection for both your skin and your pool!

Keep OUT the unwanted critters!

When you look at a potential new home and see that it has a pool, you almost instantly cringe at the idea of – Cleaning! And what makes cleaning such a horrible task? Insects & bugs, reptiles & rodents, mosquitos, etc… Even wild animals like alligators, raccoons, feral cats and stray dogs sometimes find their way into residential pools.

There’s nothing worse than to grab your morning cup of coffee, stroll out to sit by the pool and see any of the above creatures floating atop your crisp clear water. That alone is the reason to have a screen enclosure around your pool.

Your pool will stay clean – longer.

The second worst thing about cleaning pools is the constant debris falling into the pool. Leaves, pine needles, palm tree branches, grass clippings, dirt, mulch, etc… any and all of these types of debris can litter your pool. A traditional pool sweep works well but who wants to do that on a daily basis? If you have a pool vacuum, it requires maintenance and upkeep.

Your solution? A screen enclosure. Which consists of walls and a roof. So falling debris is cannot find its way inside your pool. Also, the wind can’t blow leaves or other debris into your pool. With many different design options available, you’re sure to find the one that works for you.

Pool enclosures save both time and $$$!

There is a fine line and balancing act that you go through to find the right mixture fo your particular needs. Too many chemicals can cause skin, eye and mouth irritation, whereas too little can cause cloudiness in the water due to bacterial build-up. Keeping your chemicals and testing kits well stocked can be expensive.

Adding a pool enclosure will reduce the amount of exposure to phosphates, pollutants, and pathogens, reducing the need for a lot of chemicals. Your pool cleaning regiment will work better and your pool filter will thank you.

Outdoor living space.

You’d be able to take a swim in the middle of December as well as July – bringing outdoor living to a whole new meaning. And with an enclosure, you instantly have expanded the effective living space in the winter months by allowing all the doors and window to remain open without bugs getting in.

Great design options are available.

You can completely customize your pool enclosure so you can control exactly the look and feel of what you envision. You’re the homeowner. You know your pool and you know your family. You know what you need and what you like. So get creative! We’re here to help you make it the best enclosure for your home.

Are you covered? Consider giving Colonial Construction a call today and get the pool enclosure you’ve been wanting. With over 25 years of experience and a strong A+ rating with the BBB, we’re sure we are the right choice for your project.

However you choose to design your new pool enclosure, make sure it’s constructed by a reputable, experienced company like Colonial Construction. With over 25 years of experience in the screen and glass enclosure business, in Jacksonville and St. Augustine and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we’re confident that we can help you with your project.