Common Causes of Roof Damage

roof shingles
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Roof damage is a common problem. Whether you are proactive in maintaining your roof or not, some damage will occur anyway. Proactive maintenance will help you in reducing the dangers, but it will not protect the roof forever.

Aging Gravel

Budget friendly and durable, the lifespan of tar and gravel roofs can be 20-30 years, making it a preferred choice for flat roofs. However as the tar and gravel ages, it leaves roofs vulnerable to weather and UV damage, making it brittle and weak. Gravel roofs also help regulate the temperature of your home. If there is damage to it, it will increase internal temperatures of your home and can lead to higher energy costs. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the roof.

Cold Temperatures and Rain

Frequent rain and cold temperatures are some of the primary reasons for roof damage. Areas that receive heavy snowfall and hail suffer from obvious roof damage, but cold temperatures can crack concrete or tar in the roof and heavy rain storms damage shingles where water can seep in.

Extremely Hot Weather Conditions

Scorching weather is one of the major causes of roof damage. Blazing sunlight and extreme heat can dry it out. Shingles may become warped or become brittle and crumble, leaving your roof exposed to the elements.

Using Spiked Shoes on Your Roof

Many people damage their roofs themselves. Avoiding walking on your roof in the first place helps as you may end up knocking off some of the granules from the top layer of the roof leaving it open to the elements. If you need to walk on your roof, you should assign a pair of shoes for your roof that have high-traction and are soft.

Irresponsible Roof Repair

Not repairing and maintaining your roof is another reason for damage. Cleaning out your downspouts and gutters regularly and getting an annual inspection are essential to keeping your roof healthy longer.

Many things might cause damage to your roof. It is essential to repair your roof often. You should maintain it and try to avoid walking on it with spike shoes. If you live in a place where the temperatures are extreme, you should get the additional installation to save yourself from more significant damage.

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