De-Leaf Your Pool – How To Keep Your Pool Leaf-Free

De-Leaf Your Pool – How To Keep Your Pool Leaf-Free cover

Having a swimming pool in your home is always a welcome addition to the Jacksonville climate. However, the joy of swimming pool ownership is often impacted by the ongoing maintenance required to keep the pool safe and clean. Outdoor pools are exposed to every challenge mother nature can throw at them and it’s important you have the right safeguards in place to keep your pool protected.

Foreign objects like leaves, branches, and debris all present a threat to the operation of your pool’s filtration and pumping systems. Screen enclosures in Jacksonville are a great way to protect your investment and eliminate the most debris-related repair issues many Florida pool owners face. What’s more by simply investing in screen enclosures in Jacksonville, you will be adding some style points to your property, increasing the value of your home, and ensuring your pool looks its best forever more.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you keep your swimming pool leaf and debris-free so you can enjoy the water in peace.

Outdoor Risks

If you don’t currently have a pool enclosure in Jacksonville, chances are you are dealing with many types of debris showing up in the water. Though you may not have trees nearby, the high winds often seen in Florida can easily carry branches and leaves straight into your perfectly clean water. Those palm trees we all love to plant can easily be the source of headaches the day after a strong storm, not to mention the random trash and cut grass flying around, so be sure to protect your pool with a customized screen enclosure for your Jacksonville home.

Expensive Repairs

Left unchecked, leaves can quickly make their way into your expensive pool support systems, causing your electric bill to skyrocket at the very least. The worst-case scenario is your pumps will fail outright due to the clogged drains and filters. Standing water not subject to filtration or chlorination will then lead to algae buildup, causing your pool’s water to darken. We’ve all seen a neglected pool with murky green water that nobody wants to swim in. Fortunately for homeowners, a custom-built swimming pool enclosure in Jacksonville is a relatively simple fix that will protect your pool investment for the long term.

Use a Solar Cover

The most common and least expensive barrier to picking leaves out of your pool is a plastic Solar Cover. You can install this easily by hand to cover the entire water surface while fastening it to the edges via securement tabs. These covers keep the debris from getting into your clean, chlorinated water while simultaneously warming the water through solar magnification. Use these covers whenever the pool isn’t in use, especially if bad weather is forecasted for your area. It’s important to carefully remove the cover and clean any built-up debris or water on top before it reaches below the surface into your pool water. While these can cover can be a reasonable budget solution, they are prone to tearing and can become detached easily in strong winds.

Keep Your Pool Leaf-Free, Clean, And Accessible Moving Forward

Swimming pool enclosures in Jacksonville are the number one means of protection that countless Floridians count on for protecting their public or private swimming pool recreation areas. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, you can trust our team at Colonial Construction LLC to build the perfect screen enclosure to meet your needs. Get in touch with our friendly, professional team at Colonial Construction LLC today, and let us help you to get the results you want from your next screen enclosure build in Jacksonville.